What's Iproc ?

an Integrated & Intelligent tool to assist SCM department in managing procurement, contract and vendor management function.

e-Auction Module

An e-Auction module provides procurement professionals with the most competitively prices for their preferred products, pitching the suppliers directly against one another to see who can offer the lowest prices. It also streamlines the procurement process and saves time.

Source-to-Contract Module

Provides an efficient digitization of a set of procurement processes in the sourcing of products or services. If adopted, source-to-contract (S2C) module integrates procurement planning, request for quotation, bid evaluation, contract negotiation and award as well as Contract management.

Contract management includes: Contract administration, contract monitoring, Contract Amendment, Contract Closing & Contract Performance, Payment Monitoring, Delivery Acceptance.

Procure-to-Pay Module

Provides an efficient digitization of a set of procurement processes needed to obtain and manage material inputs necessary to manufacture a produce or to deliver a service. If adopted, the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) module integrates all transactional flow of data exchange with the suppliers for the entire order to fulfilment process and its payment.

Vendor Management Module

Vendor management module provides you with a basis for developing a list of approved vendors, potential for developing a vendor improvement program, vendor rating system, and usher the start of a productive buyer-seller business relationship. Key components of our vendor management module include coverage of the entire process cycle in managing vendors starting from registry, qualification, performance monitoring, evaluation and continuous updates.

For vendor registry we offer an automated IT-based workflow help manage the approval process for new vendors. The vendor qualification process will enable buyers to drive the process by setting their qualification requirements and thus the classification of qualified vendors into a qualified bidders list. Document validation functions also ensures the validity of vendor supporting documents during the qualification process.

Catalogue Module

The use of e-catalogues has become an international best practice is a more efficient alternative to traditional tendering methods. E-Catalogue enables purchasing to be done in an accountable and efficient way. Catalogue module in the iProc provides users with an efficient search function, which quickly and conveniently searches all approved supplier catalogs, associated online stores and internal private catalogs. The results can be easily sorted and compared. Items that are interesting but not needed at the current time can be added to a personal watch list.

This enables the central management and tracking of any demand for indirect or direct materials, services or configured products.

is Integrated with Portal www.pengadaan.com

What's Pengadaan.com ?

Online Procurement Services and e-Marketplace

Pengadaan.com is the first established supplier and procurement portal in Indonesia.

Tender Information

Is a tender information hub for goods and services in the private and public sectors, including state-owned enterprises (BUMN) in Indonesia and oil and gas sectors on a Realtime basis.

Supplier on-boarding

Providing information on tenders to suppliers and help administering the legwork for buyers to ensure that suppliers provide necessary documents and data and ensure legal-regulatory compliance as well as the specific procurement standards and documents that your organization may require. (supplier list & bidder List).

Xooply.com is a B2B e-Marketplace

Xooply.com is a B2B e-Marketplace platform for State-Owned and Regional Government-Owned Enterprises (BUMN/D).

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Save time and money.

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    Intuitive interface: anyone can use it, no training required
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